DIY Material Experiences in Deltas

Do It Yourself practices are characterized primarily by reduced economical investments in R&D and technology (which often are low-cost) and secondly for the on-demand and on-site production of small amounts of material (Tanenbaum et al. 2013), reducing economic risks for self-producers (Rognoli et al., 2015). Nevertheless, the seamless integration of such DIY practices in Deltas in India and Bangladesh requires thorough understanding of social and cultural dynamics in acceptance, appreciation, deployment and use of local materials; which has not been explored to date. In this project, the MELAB PhD candidate Prarthana Majumdar explores how (new) materials are experienced in BoP countries, specifically in Deltas in India and Bangladesh; as well as the dynamics of the society and the organization to be taken into account in the development and implementation of DIY material practices for locally produced products. 


  1. Majumdar, P., Karana, E., Ghazal, S., Sonneveld, M. (in review, available upon request), The Plastic Bakery: A Case of Material Driven Design

Funded By

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

Urbanizing Deltas Program


Dr. Doris Van Halem, TU Delft

Dr. Rick Donselaar, TU Delft

Prof. Dr. Bilqis Amin, Uttara University

Prof. Dr. Kazi Matin, Dhaka University

Prof. Dr. Ashok Ghosh, Magadh University

Involved Graduation Students

Sabrin Ghazal