Material Driven Design Method

MDD Master Class for Professionals

2-Day Master Class for Professionals, on June 20 and 21 at TUDelft, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. 

How do we design (with) materials? How do we design for material experiences with a material as a departure point in the design process? How do we transfer a material into a meaningful product application? How do we know it is ‘the application’? How can we bring forward a unique quality of a material?

We exhibit Mycelium-Based Materials at INSPOMAT/ TU DELFT

The INSPOMAT platform at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft, hosts a very inspiring exhibition from one of our core team members, Davine Blauwhoff, who has recently completed her master’s studies with a graduation project focusing on ‘Designing with Mycelium Based Materials: Forecasting Acceptance’. Funded by NWO-Research Through Design (RtD) Program, this collaborative research project aims at developing mycelium-based materials for product design through iterative cycles of design research and practice.

MDD Master Class for Professionals

Materials research is constantly evolving, leading to novel, superior materials like bio-based plastics, piezoelectric textiles, and temperature sensitive polymers. The potential experiences of these unfamiliar, unusual and novel emerging materials are often challenging to envision and design for.

Material Driven Design (MDD) supports the design of meaningful material applications with the material as a point of departure. Designers qualify the material not only for what it is, but also for what it does, what it expresses to us, what it elicits from us, and what it makes us do. MDD helps designers structure, communicate and reflect on their actions in design for material experiences, and gain design competences in exploring, understanding, defining and mobilizing the novel material properties.