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Postdoctoral researcher – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

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Prof. Dr. Elvin Karana

Dr. Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam

Srikkanth is a Microbiologist who hails from India. He finished his Bachelors of Technology in Industrial Biotechnology from SASTRA University in India. After his undergraduate studies, he was awarded the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) Fellowship by the German Excellence Initiative at the University of Wuerzburg in Germany to pursue doctoral research in Microbiology. In his doctoral thesis, he evaluated the anti-infective potential of marine sponge-associated actinomycetes against drug-resistant staphylococci and enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli.

Following his PhD, Srikkanth moved to TU Delft to carry out his postdoctoral research on 3D bioprinting of bacteria and microalgae for the fabrication of living materials that are sustainable and possess defined functionalities. Currently, he has been working on the development of photosynthetic living materials that are circular in nature.

Current Project


This project aims to create self-standing living functional materials employing 3D bioprinting technology. The unicellular microalgae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii that is capable of performing photosynthesis are bioprinted on a mechanically robust and sustainable raw material like bacterial cellulose for fabrication of photosynthetic living materials.

Photosynthetic living materials fully composed of microalgae and bacterial cellulose could convert atmospheric carbon dioxide and pollutants to oxygen and biomass just like plants and trees. The fabricated photosynthetic living materials are expected to reduce the carbon footprints in the planet much efficiently than plants in shorter periods of time.


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