A selection of the course “Designing Materials Experiences” at Politecnico di Milano, School of Design, was exhibited in the “Materials Visions” exhibition by Materfad, in the space Future Arena at the Construmat fair 2017, in Barcelona, from May 23 to May 26, 2017. This event had more than 70.000 visitors from the architecture, interior design and construction sectors.

The selected projects are the results of an on-going research on DIY materials, in the scope of unfolding their qualities and aesthetics, and novel practices and scenarios around them. Most of these self-produced and open materials are made from waste resources and have social and sustainable purposes.

Other pictures of the exhibition are available here.

Projects by: Ioanna Oikonomou, Marina Psimikaki, Yang Yudan, Marta Ziminska, Carolina Giorgiani, Jinan Jezzini, Veronica Vetrila, Davide Del Favero, Eileen Krüger, Valeria Munda, Setareh Salehi, Juuso Koski, Dicle Aslan, Dinullah Bayu Ibrahim, Shao Yizhuo, Betul Unal.

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