DR. Camilo Ayala Garcia

Assistant Professor – Design Department Universidad de los Andes Bogotá, Colombia.

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Camilo obtained his Ph.D. degree on the topic of Do-It-Yourself Materials as triggers of change at Politecnico di Milano. Prior to this Ph.D. research, Camilo received his Bachelor degree in Industrial Design from the Los Andes University in Bogotá in the year 2004. He also obtained his Bachelor Degree in Textile Design from the same university simultaneously. In the year 2007, received his Master of Arts in Design degree from Domus Academy (the University of Wales accredited school of design) in Milan awarded with Distinction.

Camilo began his professional career in Colombia back in 2001, where he earned experience in the product design field developing several projects for renowned local and international clients. After various years of work as a professional designer, he moved to Germany to attend at Hochschule Pforzheim the MSc. Produktentwicklung (Product development) as a guest student and learn the language. Subsequently, he transferred to Italy to complete his Master studies. After his graduation, he started to share time being tutor at Domus Academy and working as a product designer for Donegani & Lauda studio and Cammarata Gioelli both in Milan for some years. Camilo decided to return to his hometown to become full-time professor and researcher at his alma mater where is currently entitled Assistant Professor in the design department.
Together with his teaching activities, Camilo devotes his research to local materials and products development, with several patents granted as well as different academic contributions published.


THE MATERIALS GENERATION – The Emerging Experience of DIY Materials


  1. Utility Patent: Hebilla Para Chaleco Antibalas. Deposited: 26/04/2011

    Patent Number: 11050690

    Sector: Mechanical Engineering

    Status: Granted

  2. Utility Patent: Placa De Protección Balistica Para Chalecos Antibalas

    Personales En Material Compuesto.

    Deposited: 26/04/2011

    Patent Number: 11050701

    Sector: Chemical Engineering

    Status: Granted

  3. Utility Patent: Chaleco Balístico Ajustable Portamuniciones.

    Deposited: 28/12/2012

    Patent Number: 12235979

    Sector: Mechanical Engineering

    Status: Granted

  4. Utility Patent: Sistema Modular Flexible Multi Talla Para Casco De

    Protección Balística.

    Deposited: 04/03/2013

    Patent Number: 13043301

    Sector: Mechanical Engineering

    Status: Granted

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