DIY MATerials 

Master of Science in Product Design for Innovation, 2015-2016

Politecnico di Milano

Basing on the creation of DIY materials (self-produced materials), a short course was organized at Politecnico di Milano.

34 master students of Product Design from 8 nationalities were involved for 5 weeks in an experimental process of ideation of DIY materials (October-November 2015). Through this process they were facilitated with the Materials driven design (MDD) which facilitated the development and the understanding of their own materials and helped the students to design meaningful materials experience. They were invited to produce some novel DIY-Materials by starting experimenting with basic ingredients, such as waste, food, plants, and to be inspired by low tech processes and techniques coming from other disciplines, such as culinary science and chemistry, activating a trans-disciplinary cross-pollination that led to original, poetic and sustainable results. As a result, 11 projects were presented through sets of materials samples in different variations of colors, textures, compositions.. Most of the materials are based on waste and local resources creating sustainable and virtuous solutions.


Dr. Valentina Rognoli

Course Advisor

Camilo Ayala Garcia


Giulia Ardenghi

Stefano Parisi

Giada Martinelli

Vanessa Monna

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