Imperfect Traces on Smart and Traditional Materials

the Sui Bag project, 2014

The aim of this research is identifying a manner to envalue imperfections related to the passing of time to establish an emotional bonding with users. The result is Sui, a bag conceived as a personal object accompanying the owner in daily life and with which to establish an emotional and lasting relationship through the creation of a material experience that would allow the artifact to change over time eliciting in the user the awareness of the incapability of controlling and predicting its changes. The concept of the bag is based on the difference in reacting to the passing time of the inner and of the outer parts of the bag, thanks to the use of two different materials that elicited two different materials experiences, the first one, the leather, slow and irreversible, the second one, the smart yarn, fast and reversible.


  1. Rognoli V. (2015), Dynamism and imperfection as emerging materials experiences. A case study. In: Proceedings of DesForm 2015 – Aesthetics of Interaction: Dynamic, Multisensory, Wise. 9th International Conference on Design and Semantics of Form and Movement, Politecnico di Milano, IT; 10/2015

  2. Experiencing Impermanence in Design: imperfection, repair and dynamism. Position paper for “Things Fall Apart”  workshop in NordiChi’16, in Gothenburg.


Giulia Ardenghi


Dr. Valentina Rognoli


Francesca Ostuzzi

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