A Matter of Time. Time Process Matter.


An inquiry about the relationship between time and design through the topics of materials and processes. He investigated the topics of the role of time, DIY materials, trans-disciplinary design as emerging practices and languages and the main issues around the design of materials.

As practical contribution, through the Material Driven Design Method, he studied a mycelium-based composite material and developing it further defining a unique and meaningful material experience related to the passing of time, emphasizing the genuine, spontaneous and dynamic features of the materials. For example, he included chia, flax and psyllium seeds which brought to new expressive, technical and manufacturing features related to handcrafting and tradition, assimilating the process to clay modeling.

This project took part to “The Materials Farm” exhibition (June – October 2016) and “What’s Next? Materials that will shape the future” exhibition (from December 2016) by Materfad at the Design Hub Barcelona, Spain.


  1. Parisi S., Rognoli V., & Ayala C. (2016), Designing Materials Experiences through Passing of Time. Material Driven Design Method applied to Mycelium-based Composites. In: Proceeding of 10th International Conference on Design & Emotion, Amsterdam.                                                                           
  2. Experiencing Impermanence in Design: imperfection, repair and dynamism. Position paper for “Things Fall Apart”  workshop in NordiChi’16, in Gothenburg.


Stefano Parisi


Dr. Valentina Rognoli