Frantic pace of time is a widespread problem experienced by people from different segments of the society in different countries. It leads the feeling of not having enough time for one’s children, spouses, family life or building friendships, intimacy and it obstructs to distinguish what matters to be committed in one’s life or to fulfil the life goals. Overcoming this chronic time starvation has a crucial role to enhance human flourishing and increase the quality of life.

In my project under Materials Experience Lab, I aim to illustrate that the way materials make us think, feel, and act (i.e. materials experience) through their unique temporal qualities (e.g. how they dissolve over time) may offer novel opportunities for the design of products which show the passing of time as rewarding. I focus particularly on bio-based materials which change and evolve over time in an unexpected manner. Inspired by a former graduation project by Joost Vette from Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft), I use mussel shells as the main ingredient of the material I develop. I experiment with different binders (e.g. sugar and gelatin), other ingredients to adapt the color of the material (e.g. cabbage water) and processes (e.g. heat treatments, pressing, etc.). In envision these unique materials to be embodied in wearables, such as necklace or a wristband, which change over time according to bodily changes, like temperature and PH level.


Hazal Erturkan


Dr. Elvin Karana


Prof. Dr. Stephen Picken

Applied Sciences / TU Delft