Circular Textiles in MDD

In the domain of materials and design, several sustainable innovations are taking place, including, for example, the move to bio-based materials, and the use of ‘waste’ as a resource. In parallel, the interest in sustainable business model innovation has been on the rise with businesses and academics. The focus is on how business can be done in a different, significantly more sustainable way, for example by moving from selling products to selling services. It is expected that in the future more novel materials will emerge which will need a sustainable approach to market. However, the understanding of design and business model approaches for novel materials – whether biobased or created from ‘waste’ – is still limited.

In this project, Materials Experience Lab Researcher, Ganesh Vishwanathan, aim is to create a new theoretical model as well as a practical sustainable design and business model approach, and illustrate how it is applied in practice with an illustrative case, focusing on textile waste composites. 

Funded By

Design Engineering, TU Delft

Demonstrator Project


Ganesh Vishwanathan


Dr. Elvin Karana

Dr. Nancy Bocken



Matras Recycling Europe

Involved Students

Anne Van Den Dool