Socially Tangible Media

Master Elective, Since (?)

Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft

The aim of the Master elective course Socially Tangible Media is to provide you with an opportunity to explore the role that a physical object can play in a digital network and how to design the qualities of interaction with a physical object that connects to social data. The main assignment of this course is to develop two design concepts for Socially Tangible Media. These concepts will have to be illustrated and presented as a coherent set in a final exhibition.

This course will follow a practice approach. In doing so, we use practices, our activities that are socially recognisable, as a unit for design.

This helps us identify the parts, and understand the intricacies of the bigger topic that we are designing for. Therefore this approach will proceed in three phases: Domain and Context; Focus and Vision; and Practice.

Learning objectives

  • Identify, describe and analyse existing examples of socially tangible media

  • Collect and apply relevant knowledge in designing socially tangible media

  • Propose and develop design concepts for socially tangible media

  • Communicate and visualise design concepts for socially tangible media effectively

  • Demonstrate a personal style and view on socially tangible media through a rich set of innovative design concepts

Course Details

Dr. Elisa Giaccardi

Assistants: Holly RobbinsMarcel Schouwenaar