The sCript Toolkit

The sCrIPT* Toolkit is a generative method comprised by a deck of cards with instructions that support designers in articulating feel in a self- directed manner, encouraging an experiential, full-body approach of inquiry when interacting with textile materials. This toolkit aspires to make us learn to feel fabrics once more, and to give significance to this feeling. Going beyond characterisation and definition only, and into experience. This toolkit shows how by generating experiential knowledge with textiles, designers open up the opportunity for objective measurements to be used in a meaningful way, grounded on their subjective understanding.

*sCrIPT stands for: system for Collection, (re)Interrogation, Projection and Transformation. 


The sCrIPT toolkit was used in the context of design workshops for sensory training and reflecting on designers practice.

Some workshops to mention,

  • Relational Materials at the Royal College of Art
  • Relational Materials at HfK-Bremen (University of the Arts Bremen)
  • Designing fashion with digital materials – workshop held in collaboration with the Digital Anthropology Lab (London College of Fashion, UAL), to investigate whether fashion designers could gain enough information from an interactive digital textile swatch to use it as the basis to design a real, physical garment? Considering the importance of haptics and the senses in digital media and hands on making, we documented how participants’ design outcomes and understanding of appropriate manufacturing techniques differed if they were inspired by a physical or digital textile swatch.

Here the sCrIPT toolkit was adapted and used to encourage explorations both with physical and digital textile swatches (More info).


Dr. Bruna Petreca