In the context of a pioneering EU project, Light.Touch.Matters and a PhD research hyperlink to PhD research project page by Bahareh), we have developed a design tool. This hybrid design tool aims to facilitate design ideation and representation with the LTM materials, particularly as a temporal form (rather than merely physical samples). Using Chroma keying, the tool offers a simple solution for real-time, on-screen representations of light-emitting, moving surfaces and structures.

The real-time version of the tool encompasses a webcam, a screen and an input device in addition to the Chroma keyed probes. Chroma keying, is a special effect for layering two images or video streams together based on colour hues. To implement the real-time tool, we used Max MSP and Arduino platform. The former was used to perform Chroma keying and produce dynamic light behaviour and the latter to register the input from the designers, to eventually alter the light behaviour.

Initially, we consider a limited number of dynamic light controlling features, namely, colour, three fade-in/fade-out patterns (one symmetric and two asymmetric intensity variations), and speed, to generate repetitive light rhythms. A randomizer button allows for random combinations of the features (colour, patterns, speed). In addition to simple sheet materials, a collection of performable Origami and Kirigami probes, was made with polymer and paper sheets.


Material-Driven Design Master Class



Bahareh Barati