Dr. Elvin Karana and prof. Elisa Giaccardi the IDE recently the Best Pictorial Award may receive during the ‘ACM SIGCHI conference on Designing interactive systems (DIS). They received this award for their paper ‘The Tuning of Materials: A Designer’s Journey. “

In this paper, the redesign of a connected object (radio tailored for expat families) are described and discussed, with special emphasis on the performative qualities of the materials (ie what materials make us do) to the ideation of a design. 

With two talented IO alumni, Niels Stamhuis and Jasper Goossensen illustrate Elvin and Elisa this search visually, with a focus on the design process.  



During DIS 2016 were the ways in which designers create interactive systems, deploy and critically consider central. The conference from 4-8 June, held in Brisbane (Australia).

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