Strawberry Earth interviewed Dr. Elvin Karana under the ‘Sustainable Mastermind’ series, on her endeavour to valorise the use of sustainable materials in design. Elvin had also recently been interviewed by the renowned magazine Architect, on ‘DIY Design Makers Are Taking On Materials’.


Strawberry Earth

Under the series of ‘Sustainable Masterminds’, Strawberry Earth interviewed Dr. Elvin Karana. She was introduced as: “She is on a mission to promote sustainable design materials, such as natural fibre composites, and to release them from their shady boxes, into the limelight.”

Strawberry Earth is a sustainability platform that seeks to inspire people to have a positive impact on their environment, both at home and work. It runs projects that fast forward the transition to a fair and green economy by focusing on the creative industries. They also launched the Strawberry Earth Academy in 2014, which is an international academy for experienced fashion and design professionals. 

In the interview, Elvin explained

“[…] Over the last decade, the deployment of sustainable product design has led to a dramatic increase in the use of biobased materials and materials made of waste, as an environmentally-sensitive substitute for petroleum-based ones. Being in the materials and design domain for a considerable time, I was naturally tempted to explore the roles of materials on a sustainable future.” 

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